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Privacy Policy of Temple Sinai

Temple Sinai respects and works to protect the privacy of members of the congregation and visitors to its Web site. We want you to understand the information gathering and dissemination practices that we have adopted to try to maintain your privacy while serving you better. This Statement explains the practices to which we try to adhere. It is not intended to create any legal rights or obligations, and Temple Sinai, its officers, directors, and agents are not liable for its breach.

Information about our Organization and its Information Systems
Modern information and communication technologies play an important role in the activities of an organization like Temple Sinai. Our goals -- to provide Reform Jewish religious education and worship opportunities, to foster a sacred community engaged in acts of loving kindness and social justice within and beyond the congregation, and to provide opportunities for the social enrichment of our members -- require that we collect, use, and sometimes share demographic and other information about our members. The Temple's Board of Trustees, directly or through its designees, determines the information, privacy, and other policies governing those activities. The Temple's principal communications media are its bulletin and its Web site, which is located at In addition, the Temple periodically issues releases to the press, for example to recognize a joyous occasion, to inform the community-at-large about the activities of the Temple and its members, and to invite public interest in Temple events. In addition, we seek to update and publish annually a Membership Directory which contains some demographic information about members.

Providing Visitors with Anonymous Access
You can access our Web site home page and browse our site without disclosing personal data. We do not use cookies on our Web site nor do we automatically log personal data about specific individuals. For the security of our members, certain portions of the Web site, such as bulletin boards and chat rooms, may be reserved for the use of members only and will be password-protected. These portions of our Web site will enable Temple members to communicate with one another and to post information to be accessed by other Temple members.

Our Web site contains links to numerous other organizations, some of which are not-for-profit organizations, such as the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, and others of which are commercial enterprises. The policies and practices of organizations linked to our Web site are not within our control, and you may wish to review their privacy policies prior to providing any personal information solicited through those sites.

Data Collection and Purpose Specification
We maintain the personal data that you provide when requesting membership information, joining the congregation, enrolling a child in the Religious School, and participating in Temple surveys and activities. That information may include, but is not limited to, names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, occupations, dates of birth, religious backgrounds, Temple activities/interests, other interests/avocations; special dates including yahrzeits, special needs, and Temple fees/contributions owed or paid. We do not collect information about our members or visitors to our Web site from other sources, such as public records or bodies or private organizations.

All data maintained is for the purpose of planning and administering the Temple's programs and for promoting community within the congregation. Financial and other sensitive personal information is restricted to those having a need to know. We do not use personal data for any other purpose, nor do we make it available to anyone else for any other purpose.

Information about Temple activities, the names of participants, and photographs taken in the course of those activities may be disseminated subject to the "Children's Privacy" provisions set out below. Participation in Temple activities shall constitute agreement to such dissemination.

Children's Privacy
We maintain personal data about children, principally in connection with their religious education. We take specific steps to protect the privacy of children. Those steps, and their exceptions, are as follows:

We do not disclose to the public at large the names or other identifying information of children under the age of thirteen other than in connection with a child's upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

We do not disseminate to the public at large any photographs that include images of children under the age of thirteen other than in photographs including six or more children, in which event no child's name or other identifying information will be disclosed.

Use of Broadcast E-Mail
We use e-mail, supplemented by telephone calls where e-mail is unavailable, to enhance the timeliness and quality and reduce the cost of our communications with Temple members. We will endeavor to keep e-mails brief, and where possible to use links to our Web site to allow interested persons to obtain more complete information. We use e-mail distribution lists to facilitate communications with specific segments of the congregation, such as Trustees, committee members, and the like. We endeavor to set up systems to avoid duplicative e-mails resulting from persons' multiple roles within the Temple community; some duplication may be unavoidable as a practical matter.

To avoid imposing on Temple members, posting to Temple "mailing lists" is restricted to Temple clergy, the Executive Director, the Temple Educator, Temple executive officers, and Temple committee and organization chairs acting within their designated spheres.

Members to Adhere to this Privacy Statement
We ask that all Temple members limit the use and dissemination of information gathered from Temple information systems and photographs taken at Temple events to the purposes, and subject to the privacy protections, identified in this Statement. Failure to respect the privacy rights of other congregants may result in the denial of continued membership.

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