Religious School

Our curriculum, teaching methodologies, learning environment, special programs and logistics resonate from our central philosophy and goals, as expressed in the Religious School Mission Statement.

Temple Sinai Religious School Mission Statement

Our mission, through the learning and experience of Jewish texts, rituals, values, history and civilization is to:

  • Inspire our students to feel at home in the synagogue and in our Temple community.
  • Provide our students with the skills and knowledge to meaningfully participate in personal and communal Jewish practice, including Hebrew and prayer skills.
  • Strengthen our students' pride and connection with our Jewish heritage.
  • Foster within our students a love and respect for Torah and lifelong Jewish learning.
  • Impart to our students an understanding of the historical and contemporary importance of the State of Israel for the Jewish people.
  • Deepen our students' commitment to acts of loving-kindness (gemilut hasadim) and to repairing the world (tikkun olam.)
  • Encourage our students to explore their relationship with God.

We believe the synagogue is meant to be a community of lifelong learners, thus family involvement is essential to the success of our program. We encourage parents to participate in their children's Jewish education as well as to actively pursue their own Jewish growth and learning.

The Kids of Temple Sinai

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