Social Action

Temple Sinai promotes, facilitates and shares in diverse social action activities in response to the
core principle of Jewish ethics: Tikkun Olam - mending the world.
If you are looking to perform some deeds of loving kindness, this is the place:

Morris Habitat for Humanity Invites Women to Volunteer For Special “Women Build Days” in Dover

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Social Action Overview

”If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am only for myself, what am I?

If not now, when?”

Pirkei Avot 1:14


Temple Sinai embraces two core principles of Jewish ethics, Gemulat Hasadim, doing "acts of loving kindness" within our community, while addressing global issues, such as homelessness, hunger and the environment in an effort to "heal the world" through Tikkun Olam.



The Social Action Committee promotes, facilitates and shares in diverse activities to help our community.  Such activities include organizing variouis drives (food, clothing, toys, etc.) throughout the year, and providing support to members of our community in need through targeted programs.  Other  Social Action activities include Mitzvah Day, the Alternative Gift Market/Mitzvah Mall, and organizing and promoting Temple-wide volunteer afforts and awareness.

The Social Action Committee also mobilizes resources on an as-needed basis to address specific challenges brought forward by our members, such as providing assistance to the Hispanic community in Summit. and to  a Syrian refugee family.  We meet on the second Sunday of the month during the school year, at 9:30am.

 On-going Social Action Programs

 Hospitality for the Homeless

Hospitality for the Homeless works with the Interfaith Counseil for the Homeless project in Union County to house homeless people in our area.  On a regular schedule, Temple Sinai hosts a group of homeless families for one week at a time.  Families are housed in Temple Sinai and volunteers help set-ip living space, prepare and serve dinners, and stay overnight with the families.

 SHIP: Summit Helping Its People

SHIP is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to feed and provide access to support services for the homeless and at-risk homeless people in Summit.  Temple Sinai members serve dinner to SHIP beneficiaries the fourth Sunday of each month at the Oakes Memorial Outreach Center.


To join the Social Action Committee, or bring a need to its attention, please contact the Social Action Committee.