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Temple Sinai COVID Information Hub

For up to the minute information regarding New Jersey's COVID protocols,

Last Updated - September 17, 2020

COVID-19 Online Screening form - to be used at all times before you come to the Temple:


Last Updated - September 9, 2020

In response to the Governor’s recent announcement about increased indoor capacity limits and indoor dining, Temple Sinai will now increase the capacity limit for indoor B’nai Mitzvah services in the sanctuary to 50 people, including the clergy and accompanist. The health protocols remain the same with temperature checks, health screening, masks and social distancing.

In addition, the choir will be allowed to practice in person outside, with a maximum of 5 people and temperature checks, health screening, masks and social distancing.

Last updated - September 3, 2020

For information regarding New Jersey's up-to-date COVID protocols, please go to

Last updated - August 24, 2020

Small gatherings at Temple Sinai have begun. 

For outdoor gatherings, inclusive of clergy and staff, there can be no more than 50 attendees.  When attending a Temple gathering you will come first to a greeting table where you will be given a brief health screening survey and have your temperature taken.  You must wear a mask at all times and maintain a distance of six feet from other attendees.  No food will be served or brought to Temple events.  

Before meetings or gatherings are planned, please check with Audrey Napchen ( to see if space is available and that protocols and guidelines can be maintained.  

Health screening questions will include the following:

  • Have you or anyone in your household had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days: sore throat, cough, chills, body aches for unknown reasons, shortness of breath for unknown reasons, loss of smell, loss of taste, fever at or greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • Have you or anyone in your household been tested for COVID-19?
  • Have you or anyone in your household traveled outside the State of New Jersey or the U.S. in the past 14 day
  • To the best of your knowledge have you been in close proximity to any individual who tested positive for COVID-19?

Last updated - August 21, 2020 

New Jersey's Travel Advisory List 

Under the 14-day quarantine travel advisory announced by the Governors of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, individuals traveling to or returning to New Jersey from states with increasing rates of COVID-19 are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days. This includes travel by train, bus, car, plane and any other method of transportation.

The 14-day quarantine travel advisory applies to travel from certain states identified as those that have a positive COVID-19 test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents or have a 10% or higher positivity rate over a seven-day rolling average ("impacted states.")

As of Wednesday, November 4, 43 states and U.S. jurisdictions are on the list of "impacted states":

  • Alabama (added 6/24/20)
  • Alaska (re-added 9/1/20)
  • Arizona (re-added 10/20/20)
  • Arkansas (added 6/24/20)
  • California (re-added 10/27/20)
  • Colorado (added 9/29/20)
  • Florida (added 6/24/20)
  • Georgia (added 6/30/20)
  • Guam (added 8/25/20)
  • Idaho (added 6/30/20)
  • Illinois (added 7/28/20)
  • Indiana (added 7/21/20)
  • Iowa (added 6/30/20)
  • Kansas (added 7/7/20)
  • Kentucky (added 7/28/20)
  • Louisiana (added 6/30/20)
  • Maryland (re-added 10/20/20)
  • Massachusetts (added 10/27/20)
  • Michigan (added 10/13/20)
  • Minnesota (re-added 9/22/20)
  • Mississippi (added 6/30/20)
  • Missouri (added 7/21/20)
  • Montana (re-added 9/1/20)
  • Nebraska (added 7/21/20)
  • Nevada (re-added 9/22/20)
  • New Mexico (re-added 10/6/20)
  • North Carolina (added 6/24/20)
  • North Dakota (added 7/21/20)
  • Ohio (re-added 10/13/20)
  • Oklahoma (added 7/7/20)
  • Oregon (added 11/4/20)
  • Puerto Rico (re-added 9/15/20)
  • Rhode Island (re-added 9/22/20)
  • South Carolina (added 6/24/20)
  • South Dakota (added 8/11/20)
  • Tennessee (added 6/30/20)
  • Texas (added 6/24/20)
  • Utah (added 6/24/20)
  • Virginia (re-added 10/13/20)
  • Washington (re-added 11/4/20)
  • West Virginia (added 9/8/20)
  • Wisconsin (added 7/14/20)
  • Wyoming (added 9/22/20)

The self-quarantine is voluntary, but compliance is expected.

ECEP Update -  August 1, 2020 

Last Updated July 31, 2020 - from Rabbi Glazer's July 29 High Holy Days Update Email

While our building has been closed since March, we have often shared the message that our synagogue is very much open. Our nimble pivot to virtual services and programs has allowed us to continue to sing, pray, learn, remember, celebrate and connect with one another in new and meaningful ways. Throughout this time, we have been guided in our decision making by the recommendations of public health experts and our commitment to the Jewish values of pikuah nefesh, the preservation of human life, and kol yisrael aravim zeh l’zeh, we are all responsible for the safety of one another.

It is with these values in mind, along with the recommendations of the CDC and our Reform Movement, that we, like other congregations in the area, have made the difficult decision to hold High Holy Day services virtually this year. While we wish we could gather in our sanctuary, and it saddens us that we cannot, we have determined that virtual services are the best way to ensure meaningful, spiritual, and safe High Holy Days for everyone in our community.

Now that this decision has been made, we can focus on reimagining a sacred and powerful prayer and study experience that is both familiar and right for this moment. Over the next two months, the Clergy, Board Leadership, Ritual Committee and our Reopening Task Force will be working together to create safe and meaningful opportunities for us to observe this most sacred time in our Jewish calendar, beginning with Elul and moving through Selichot, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We are working on upgrading our sound system and streaming capabilities in the sanctuary so that services can be led by the Rabbi and Cantor from the bima. Members will receive care packages to enhance their at-home holiday prayer experience and we are exploring possibilities for smaller in-person gatherings outdoors for Selichot and Tashlich.

While many of the specific details are still being worked out, we can guarantee that this year’s High Holy Day season will be filled with moments of reflection, connection and celebration. We look forward to sharing more information soon about the many ways in which we will welcome this new year together as a Temple Sinai family.

Last Updated, July 28, 2020

In addition to Shabbat services, the Reopening Taskforce has decided to extend the outdoor gathering guidelines to apply to social gatherings, provided the same protocols are in place:

  • pre-registration
  • attendee limit to 50 – including staff, volunteers, chaperones, etc. –
  • face coverings worn at all times
  • social distancing of 6 feet apart observed at all times
  • No food may be served

Attendees must come first to a Welcome Table where a brief health screening and temperature check will take place.

Last updated July 12, 2020

As we plan for a phased reopening of Temple Sinai and a careful return to in-person gatherings, we want to keep you up to date on developing plans. Please check this page often as it will be updated frequently with additional information regarding Temple Sinai programs and services.

The Temple Reopening Taskforce has been meeting regularly to determine and plan the safest way to begin bringing our community back together again in person. Based on the uncertainty and unpredictability of this moment, we know that the plans we make today may change tomorrow. We are committed to making the best decisions we can based on what we currently know and to continuously monitoring the situation in our state and the country as a whole, updating or making changes to our policies and procedures as needed.

Protocols for in-person gatherings at Temple Sinai have been thoughtfully and carefully put into place in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and updates from the New Jersey COVID 19 Information Hub.   We are also committed to providing ongoing opportunities to connect virtually. 

Plans are currently underway for ECEP, Religious School and Temple-wide gatherings

We're excited to announce our first gatherings: 2 outdoor Shabbat services on Friday, July 24 at 7:00 pm and Friday, August 7 at 7:00 pm.  These services will also be live streamed on our Facebook Page.

In the interest of safety and CDC guidelines, we have put the following protocols in place:

1. To follow recommended capacity for gatherings, preregistration is required.  Register for July 24 hereRegister for August 7 here

2. Prior to registering, please consider the symptoms, the Coronavirus Self Checker and information regarding people at increased risk provided on the CDC Site.

3. We can safely accommodate 50 people at each outdoor service: 45 members and an additional 5 people including clergy, staff and volunteers.

4. When you register, please be sure that you indicate the exact number of people who will be attending with you. We can not exceed our capacity limit.  You will receive an email confirming your registration.

5.  Due to the serious limitations on the number of attendees, we must resort to a first come first served system.  We want as many members of our congregation, who wish to attend at least one service, to have the opportunity to do so.  Those who sign up for July 24 will be able to attend the August 7 service only if there is space available - after giving priority to those who did not attend on July 24. 

6. The first 45 people who register will be notified that they may attend.  If for some reason you must cancel your reservation, let us know as soon as possible.  This will open up spaces for members who may be on a waiting list.  If you are on the waiting list, we will email you to let you know and will keep you posted.  

An update about the High Holy Days will be coming soon.

We will continue to keep you informed and will be communicating regularly with the congregation. Please check this site often for update policies and procedures related to services and programs at Temple Sinai. Whether online or in person, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Be well and stay safe!

Sun, November 29 2020 13 Kislev 5781