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Rabbi Stuart Gershon Hebrew High School


"This has been a phenomenal year for my son at Temple Sinai. He has grown spiritually, solidified his Jewish roots, and had so many rich, memorable experiences with his peers. And the L’Taken Social Justice seminar in Washington DC wasn't just a highlight of his year, it was a significantly moving event that strengthened his connection to the Jewish community and I'm certain will stay with him as he enters adulthood." ~Parent of Current Temple Sinai High School Student

Our High School program is for our 8th - 12th grade
from 11AM - 1PM on Sunday afternoons.

We begin each Sunday with breakfast, bonding, and a brain break.
Then we move into our four core classes, followed by electives.

Here's how we break it down:

We are so excited to have students in this program looking forward to a year of growth, challenge, laughter, and exploration! We’ve created a few themes for our core classes which are ALSO be reflected in our elective blocks. Our goals for the end of this year are for you to build community, connect Jewishly, and orient yourselves to the broader context of a global Jewish experience.

Grade 8: Situations & Significant Moments in Jewish Life
Grade 9: Forming & Forging Jewish Identity
Grade 10: Connection and Commitment: Finding our Judaism in Relation to the World
Grade 11/12: A Deep Dive into Living Practical Judaism

Variations on a Theme: Electives

Our electives—created to allow different grades to interact (building community) and to ensure that students were taking a strong role in creating their own learning opportunities (taking ownership of their Judaism)—also are created by our faculty to ensure that they align with these themes. Each elective lasts about 4-6 weeks and allow for students to engage with different teachers, ideas, and modalities. Below are some examples of the electives our students have enjoyed in the past.

Situations & Significant Moments in Jewish Life

  • Action & Advocacy: Church & State, Quad I
  • Action & Advocacy: LGBTQ+ & Reproductive Rights, Quad II
  • Why Be Jewish? (for grades 10-12), Quad III

Forming & Forging Jewish Identity

  • Jewish Life Through Cinema, Quad I
  • A Little Torah Exploring, Quad II
  • Israeli Rock Band, Quad III

Connection and Commitment: Finding our Judaism in Relation to the World

  • Mizrachi Cooking, Quad I
  • Questioning Authority (for grades 10-12), Quad II
  • Cooking for Jewish Holidays, Quad III

A Deep Dive into Living Practical Judaism

  • Happiness & Wellbeing (for grades 10-12), Quad I
  • Jewish Holidays Through Cinema, Quad II
  • Leadership Through a Jewish Lens, Quad III


Wed, August 5 2020 15 Av 5780