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Rabbi Stuart Gershon Hebrew High School

Our High School program is for our 8th - 12th grade from 11AM - 1PM on Sunday afternoons. Each week we start in core (classes by grade), have our VERY important nosh & social break, and end our day with electives.

Here's a bit on each grade:

8th grade - What do the holidays mean to me? We know our holidays, how can we, as young Jewish adults, make them relevant and important? We also begin talking about current events & the Jewish perspective.

9th grade - We focus on Modern Israel. It can be difficult to formulate opinions, understand all the media and news around us, and find non-bias information. We study the modern history & current events in Israel, formulate our own opinions, and create a deeper connection to the Homeland.

10th grade - The Rabbi leads our students in the Confirmation Program. As a grade, the students are presented with a list of ethical dilemmas and they vote on which they'd like to study throughout the year. Confirmation includes an overnight trip to NYC and a community celebration of their Confirmation in the spring.

11th grade - By now, we have spent lots of time studying the current dilemmas and problems in the modern world. In 11th grade, we find what we are passionate about and study how to become a voice for positive change.

12th grade - It's a big year. College applications, graduations, being the oldest in our school - our 12th graders have a lot on their plates! We recognize that next year their lives are going to be very different. Whether they're moving miles away for college, taking a gap year, or still figuring it out, 12th grader's lives are changing very quickly and their independence is about to expand greatly. We challenge our 12th grade to figure out what being Jewish will mean to them when they enter the next big milestone. How will they practice their Judaism? How will they celebrate Shabbat & holidays? What will it mean to be Jewish on campus? The class discusses what their Jewish identity means to them and how they're going to maintain their Judaism into this next exciting step in their lives. We send our 12th grade off into the world with a community celebration in the spring. 

Thu, November 14 2019 16 Cheshvan 5780