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If you are making a presentation to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah child, 
please click here for some sample or suggested speeches.

Board of Trustees

President 2019-2021
Ian Singer
Vice Presidents 2020-2021
First Vice President, Cindy Homer
Vice President Finance, David Zack
Vice President Membership, Antonina Pearl
Vice President Operations, Roberta Nooger
Vice Presidents 2020-2022
Vice President Development, Eric Barr
Vice President Education, Jennifer Sinoway
Vice President Ritual, Jodi Shepard
Secretary - Laurence Wagman
Trustees 2020-2021
Adam Keil, Maurice Lefkort, Lenore Lerner, Daniel Muhlfelder
Trustees 2020-2022
Leza Bieber, Rebecca Cukierman, Tara Millman, Gary Schreier, Andrea Stein
Immediate Past President 2019-21
David Hoodis

Board Member Guide

We are committed to the development of strong and effective leaders.  The following materials have been created to provide guidance and support.  Please consider the source materials below:

Sun, November 29 2020 13 Kislev 5781