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Thoughts from Our Members

In celebration of the recent merger of Temple Emanu-El and Temple Sinai, Lenore Lerner and Dan Muhlfelder share their thoughts:

L’Chi Lach, On Your Journey I Will Bless You

Lenore Lerner and Danny Muhlfelder, Temple Sinai Trustees

So, here we are at Temple Sinai. It's been a long journey and a hard one these past few years. Our feelings have been all over the place and we continue to adjust. We are discovering our resilience and our community is strong. We've found a friendly, spiritual and intellectually stimulating place of worship to begin to call home and we certainly have dived into things. Rabbi Gershon asked us what we thought was noteworthy about the time we've been at Sinai and this is it - our immersion into the life of our new temple has been incredible.

We began to compile a list of our involvement since September 2017 and it was astonishing. We think there isn't one aspect of temple life that the Emanu-El community is not a part of now.  We are active in:

Torah Study, Choir, Rabbi Search Committee, Holocaust Remembrance Center, Shabbat Services, Lifelong Learning, including all Lunch n' Learns and Rabbi Gershon's classes, Women's Torah Study, Purim Spiel, Jewish Meditation, Ritual Committee, Social Action, Board of Trustees, Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Renaissance, events such as the hugely successful Trivia Night where 100 people from both communities gathered together for a fabulously good time,  festival celebrations, religious school, the ECEP, and the Parlor Meetings that bring all members of our community together in small groups.

We have begun to make new friendships as a result of this involvement and that is particularly sweet. It is also noteworthy that the walls of our temple are now filled with our Tree of Life and Yahrzeit Plaques and our Presidents' Plaque will soon be up. Are we finished adjusting- absolutely not, but we are clearly on our way. Our homes are in the process of blending into a collective "one."


We are, indeed, better together.

Sat, September 19 2020 1 Tishrei 5781