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Tikkun Olam - Repairing the World

Temple Sinai is deeply committed to one of our most sacred values - Tikkun Olam.  Our efforts to mend the world are infused with a profound emphasis on Tzedakah, which enables us to always consider those less fortunate, remember how Jews have been treated throughout history, and welcome all to "our house" as part of our Community.
Through our Social Action Committee, Temple Sinai is widely recognized as a leader of regional civic and social action.
Social Action Committee 
The mission of the Temple Sinai Social Action Committee is to perform acts of loving kindness internally, within our Temple community, while tackling global issues to "heal the world."
The merger of Temple Sinai of Summit and Temple Emanu-El of West Essex brought together two temples with long-standing histories of Social Action, ranging from providing for the homeless and hungry to supporting refugees from global conflicts. 
Our Social Action Committee promotes, facilitates and shares in diverse activities to help our community.  This includes organizing a variety of drives throughout the year - from food to clothing to toys - as well as developing targeted programs to provide support for members of our community in need.  Other Social Action activities include Mitzvah Day, the Alternative Gift Market/Mitzvah Mall, and organizing and promoting Temple-wide volunteer efforts and awareness.  This includes mobilizing resources on an as-needed basis to address specific challenges brought forward by our members - such as providing assistance to the Hispanic community in Summit and responding to the needs of victims of natural disasters and acts of violence. 
To learn more about Temple Sinai's Social Action Committee, please email  
Immediate Support is Needed for Afghan Refugees
Needed: New or Gently Used Blankets

Thousands of Afghan families and individuals are arriving in the US after a perilous journey from Kabul.  We do not know yet how many will be arriving in New Jersey.  Ian Singer, our Social Action Committee Chair attended a webcast on Sept. 17 to learn more about the work that the taskforce as well as military & non-profit partners are currently doing at present in NJ.

Brigadier General Timothy A. Coakley is asking communities to pause & hold on collecting individual donations until a full assessment is completed. Regarding immediate needs, we know that they need new or gently used blankets . . . NOW!

Sun, October 17 2021 11 Cheshvan 5782