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TaSTY Board Mission Statement

By increased involvement through stronger relationships, we facilitate a friendly atmosphere where students can build a second home within a close-knit community. We host bi-monthly meetings and events that meaningfully impact participants through social action and bonding.

~2020-2021 TaSTY Board

Meet the TaSTY Board!

Allie Cohen
Favorite Snack: Popcorn popcorn
Favorite Activity: Netflix
Youth Group Goal: Create a close bond between members of the youth group!
Why join TaSTY? We'll get to meet everyone in every grade through engaging events!
Currently Watching: Grey's Anatomy
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Israel my sophomore year!

Harlie Dultz
Favorite Snack: Watermelon
Favorite Activity: Manga
Youth Group Goal: Create a friendly environment where everyone feels at home
Why join TaSTY? We have great activities and amazing students to do them with!
Currently Enjoying: One Piece (Anime!) 
Fun Fact: I have a dog named Foxy!

Matt Riseman
Vice President of Social Action
Favorite Snack:
Favorite Activity: Playing Baseball
Youth Group Goal: Set up a legitimate foundation for social action events to take place now (and in the foreseeable future!)
Why join TaSTY? We have a great community that is accepting of all people and we're willing to do anything to help improve it!
Currently Listening to: The Growlers
Fun Fact: I have lived in three different continents (Asia, Europe, North America). 

Maggie Sher
Vice President of Engagement
Favorite Snack:
Favorite Activity: Watching Netflix
Youth Group Goal: Create meaningful relationships with students in the high school and make sure youth group events feel personally inviting!
Why join TaSTY? We're all friends and work well together!
Currently Watching: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Fun Fact: I enjoy making funny and creative Zoom backgrounds for all to enjoy!

Emerson Lederman
Vice President of Religion & Culture
Favorite Snack:
 Anything with chocolate
Favorite Activity: Spending time with friends
Youth Group Goal: Creating a positive and fun community that everyone in the high school enjoys!
Why join TaSTY? We have so many fun events and are open to new ideas to make them even better!
Currently Watching: One Tree Hill
Fun Fact: During the summer of 2019, I went to Israel with NFTY for 5 weeks!

Sam Kaplan
Vice President of Fundraising
Favorite Snack:
 Lucky Charms
Favorite Activity: Soccer/Youth Group Events
Youth Group Goal: Bring people closer together through our events!
Why join TaSTY? Because Matt (above!) and I will be attending!
Currently Watching: Outer Banks
Fun Fact: According to the nice lady in the Hebrew School kitchen (Shout out to Adriana!), I've eaten more bagels than anyone else in the history of the Hebrew School!

Jilyan Moorman
Vice President of Communications
Favorite Snack:
 Veggie Straws!
Favorite Activity: Horseback riding or drawing
Youth Group Goal: I hope to make everyone feel as comfortable as I do going to temple because it is like my second home!
Why join TaSTY? The board is awesome and are creative (and can't wait to meet you!)
Currently Watching: The Other Sex
Fun Fact: I have THREE brothers and LOVE history!

Brandon Shaw
12th Grade Representative
Favorite Snack:
 Chocolate chips
Favorite Activity: Biking
Youth Group Goal: Create a stronger bond between the 12th graders and the rest of the High School students
Why join TaSTY? We have an amazing community bond and great teens!
Currently Watching: Money Heist
Fun Fact: I've been to Israel once and would love to go again!

Maddie Kaplan
9th Grade Representative
Favorite Snack: Super dark chocolate
Favorite Activity: Going outside or hanging with my cat
Youth Group Goal: Create the most awesome-ist (is that a word? I think I just made it a word!) year for the 9th grade and help them feel more included
Why join TaSTY? The board wants to be super inclusive and you'll have first-hand insight (and ownership!) into what fun activities will be going on this year!
Currently (RE)Watching: The Good Place
Fun Fact: I once recreated a famous painting with my giant rubber ducky


Mon, April 12 2021 30 Nisan 5781