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Weekly Torah Study
Saturday at 8:45am - in person and on Zoom
II Kings and Isaiah

Lunch and Learn
Monthly offerings during the program year — typically presented as a three-part series taught by clergy and occasional guest instructors. Tuesdays at noon. BYO lunch; coffee and tea on us!

Wise Aging 
A program designed to meet the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of Jewish seekers entering second adulthood.
Monthly from 2:30 - 4:30pm on Thursdays:  Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 7 & 21, Apr 18, May 16, Jun 20

You will be guided through reflective work that enables you to come to new understandings about your life, self, values, and Jewish practices.  Learning modes include text study, active listening, mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, reflection, and journaling. We will learn, share experiences, and acquire skills for making changes in our lives that will lead to a deeper sense of well-being.
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Cooper-Bernstein Scholar In Residence 
An annual program for in-depth learning and engagement with a guest scholar, made possible through the generosity of member Alyse Cooper. Past scholars-in-residence include:  acclaimed author Dara Horn and dean of Hebrew Union College's Los Angeles campus, Joshua Holo.

Sisterhood Book Group
Quarterly discussions of a selection of either literature or non-fiction with Jewish content. In person and Zoom options — all are welcome!

Brotherhood “Torah on Tap”


Adult B'nei Mitzvah
A year of Judaic study and ritual preparation for the rite of passage of becoming b'nei uv'not mitzvah. This year seven members undertook this lear of learning and became b'nei uv'not mitzvah on April 6, 2024.

Jewish Goddess: An Exploration of the Divine Feminine in Jewish Texts
Guest Instructor Rabbi Rachael Pass

We’ll examine goddess figures, such as the Canaanite Goddess Asherah; the Kabbalistic goddess-figure of Chochmah, Lady Wisdom; and the most well-known feminine aspect of God in Jewish tradition, Shechinah. Together we’ll learn more about our knowable God and the divinity within ourselves. 3-part series.

Cooper-Bernstein Scholar In Residence: Dara Horn
Join acclaimed author Dara Horn for a discussion of her award-winning essay collection, People Love Dead Jews
November 19. 2:30pm - Book Signing;  3:00pm - Book Talk and Q & A; 4:00pm - Dessert Reception

Hanukkah: A Struggle For Identity
Rabbi Shira Gluck

The events of the 2nd century BCE in Judea, as commemorated in the holiday of Hanukkah, are steeped in political and cultural turmoil both internal and external. The Maccabees rebelled against the Seleucid Empire after Jewish religious practice was proscribed. But their Hasmonean dynasty later waged a civil war against Hellenized Jews. Join us in examining Hanukkah as a struggle for identity and its resonance for Reform Jews in the modern world. 3-part series.

Sisterhood Book Group discussion with the author: "Babylon" by Michelle Cameron
A multi-generational biblical saga of captivity, romance, faith, and redemption, set against the Judean exile in Babylon. Everything changes for Sarah the day Nebuchadnezzar’s army storms Jerusalem. In an instant, her peaceful life is ripped away: her city sacked, her temple desecrated, her people enslaved. Marched across unforgiving desert sands to Babylon, the remaining Judean people must find a way to keep their faith alive in a new and unforgiving home. Displaced within an empire of strange gods and unimaginable wealth, Sarah and her descendants bear witness to palace intrigue, betrayal, brutal sacrifice, regicide, and a war brewing in the east. Through every trial, the Hebrew people attempt to preserve their religion. Uri, Sarah’s son, transcribes  stories of prophets and visions, Creation, and Exodus, that establish the central tenets of the Hebrew faith. In-person or Zoom. The author will be joining us in person. 

The Sounds of Eretz Israel
Cantor Marina Shemesh

In this three-session course we will explore authentic Israeli musical forms and examine how Israeli music navigated the ongoing relationship between American Jews and Zionism and Israel. This course will help us understand how Israeli music served as a primary means through which American Jews were exposed to Israeli culture and Zionism in the 20th century, and how it helps us remain connected to Eretz Yisrael today.

Tu biShvat Seder and Learning
A joyful, musical, and delicious celebration of Tu biShvat, the new year of trees. Including a full seder, with traditional fruits symbolic of the holiday.

Lunch and Learn: Jewish Answers to Very Human Questions
Temple Sinai member Dave Mollen
Part 1: Does God Intervene?
Part 2: How to Get Into Heaven and Do You Care?
Part 3: Faith

Psalms: Songs of Praise, Thanksgiving, and Lament
Rabbi Erin Glazer

Join Rabbi Glazer for a three session series on the Book of Psalms, an ancient anthology of 150 poetic prayers included in the Hebrew Bible. We will approach the psalms from various perspectives including literary criticism, biblical commentary and spiritual practice. Explore what contemporary Bible scholars and medieval commentators have to say about the psalms and discover what these poems of praise, anger, fear, joy, grief and gratitude might offer us today.

Jewish Theological Revolutions: Three Radical Ways Jews Have Thought about God 
Rabbi Joseph Skloot

This class is an opportunity to consider how Jews in the past asked the biggest questions about God and God’s role in the world, and thereby explore the intersection of history and theology. We will reflect on three transformative moments in modern Jewish history, the expulsion from Spain, the Age of Reason, and the birth of Reform Judaism. We will read related primary sources and discuss their meaning in their own time and their meaning for us today. No background necessary, only a sense of wonder and curiosity. 

Rabbi Joseph A. Skloot, Ph.D. is the Rabbi Aaron D. Panken Assistant Professor of Modern Jewish Intellectual History at HUC-JIR/New York. He is an historian of Jewish culture and religious thought, and the author of First Impressions: Sefer Hasidim and Early Modern Hebrew Printing (Brandeis University Press, 2023).

Artist-in-Residence: Rabbi Josh Warshawsky
May 3-5, 2024


Introduction to Judaism
Introduction to Judaism is an engaging 18 session course for adults interested in exploring Jewish life through a Reform lens. Open to all, this course is designed for interfaith couples, adults raising Jewish children, spiritual seekers, individuals considering conversion, and Jews who want a meaningful adult Jewish learning experience. Wherever you are on your journey with Judaism, this class is designed to be a safe and welcoming place for you to explore. Our programs welcome people from all backgrounds and are LGBTQ-friendly. 

Brotherhood Torah on Tap - Wednesdays at 7:30pm: November 30 & March 1

Lunch and Learn - Tuesdays:
12:00 - 12:30pm - Bring your own lunch
12:30 - 1:30pm - Learning begins

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784