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Acts of Loving Kindness

Temple Sinai is deeply committed to one of our most sacred values - Tikkun Olam.  Our efforts to mend the world are infused with a profound emphasis on Tzedakah, which enables us to always consider those less fortunate, remember how Jews have been treated throughout history, and welcome all to "our house" as part of our Community.

Through our Social Action Committee, Temple Sinai is widely recognized as a leader of regional civic and social action.

Social Action Committee

The mission of the Temple Sinai Social Action Committee is to perform acts of loving kindness internally, within our Temple community, while tackling global issues to "heal the world."

Our Social Action Committee promotes, facilitates and shares in diverse activities to help our community, and brings focus to the following areas:



In March 2024 Temple Sinai welcomed the Tkach Family to the United States - CLICK HERE for Welcome Pictures   

Since that time, the URP Leadership Team has been working closely with the Tkach Family to help them assimilate in the US and tremendous progress has been made!!  
Read our May 9 Leadership Team Update.


SUMMER CAMP:  We are sending David Tkach to Summer Camp!  Fees have been graciously covered by a donor, we now need to provide camp supplies.  

CLICK HERE and sign up to donate specific items for David BY JUNE 14.  Items should be delivered to Temple Sinai.  Any questions, please reach out to::
Amy Marcus
Jen Sinoway

CAR DONATION / FUNDS:  Securing an automobile for the family is an imperative for the Sinai Committee for the following reasons:  
>  Independence of movement
>  Ability to take David to/from school moving forward 
>  Ability to get to various appointments
>  Ability to get to work / to secure employment

CLICK HERE to make a financial contribution or if you have a car to donate (or if you have any questions), please reach out to:
Ian Singer

Temple Sinai has always stood for compassion and supporting those in need. In response to the war in Ukraine, our Temple’s Welcome Circle (WC) and core group of 40+ volunteers have resettled a Jewish Ukrainian refugee family in the U.S.  

Sinai's WC is working through HIAS (founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). Like it did over the course of the 20th century, HIAS continues to play an important role in offering hope to displaced persons.

“Our family arrived in Munich in the fall of 1945, after crossing two borders illegally, as Displaced Persons (“DP”). My Father contacted HIAS, where Rabbi Bloom was in charge of trying to help the DP’s from many countries. Rabbi Bloom and his American team had difficulties communicating with the DP’s from many countries, and when the Rabbi met my father, a lawyer who spoke 7 languages, he invited him to join in the organization of the service. Father joined HIAS, and after the organization was set up, and the first transports of the DP’s were on the way to the US and other countries, HIAS sponsored us to the United States.”

~ Selma Rossen, Sinai Past President

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784